Prepress Services

UB Communications provides prepress services for publishers that are designed to bring books to press quickly and economically.

Interior Book Design

In providing prepress services for interior book design, we pay special attention to content, making the appearance of the book suit the information it conveys. We usually provide two to four design ideas. Then we work with type sizes and page width and depth to approximate your projected length. We prepare either a formal spec sheet from which your production department can set up production shells or the production shells themselves with style sheets defined using codes that match the codes your copy editors define to indicate various design elements.

Book Typesetting

The second stage of our prepress services is book typesetting. We use whatever method of production you prefer. We can enter the text from marked manuscript pages, pull in word processing files and feed in editorial changes, or pull in word processing files already edited online by your editors and marked for style with pre-established codes.

Image Preparation

Prepress services also may include preparation of art. We can scan the art from supplied photographs or modify pre-supplied electronic art to fit your particular design. Besides sizing art, we also ensure that images have appropriate resolutions for press reproduction. And we have expertise in creating tables, sidebars, and callouts that work attractively within your designed pages.

Creation of PDF

Once the publisher signs off on the layouts, we create a printer’s PDF, using parameters that are specific to an individual press.