Interior Book Design

We offer custom interior book design based on a publisher’s overall specifications, e.g., trim size and estimated, often already advertised, page count. Nothing is left to chance, and nothing is taken for granted. Our goal is to create a design that accounts for all of the project’s elements—a design that is repeatable over thousands of pages by any competent typesetter. Carefully defined style sheets ensure consistency and establish fonts, font sizes, and formats specific to each book’s presentation needs.

We are also happy to modify, or even reproduce, existing designs to emulate the look of a prior publication. To learn more about our approach to interior book design please click here.

Image Preparation

We like to scan art, but we willingly work with supplied electronic art, making modifications for print reproduction. Bad art can never be good art; however, it can be made better through the judicious use of the tools that are available in Photoshop and Illustrator. If electronic art has been supplied by an author, there is a good chance that it hasn’t been scanned (or downloaded from the Internet) at the proper resolution or size for press reproduction. What looks great on screen usually has too low a resolution to reproduce well on the printed page. We have a lot of experience scanning images, modifying supplied images, and creating complex tables, while copyfitting each element for the best visual presentation.


We learned our craft on dedicated photo-typesetting equipment prior to the advent of WYSIWYG. We now use quad-drive i-Macs, but we still adhere to traditional book typesetting standards: no widows, no orphans, no hyphenation between pages or columns of type. Pages always reach a specific depth unless a rag bottom is part of the design. We review your submitted author or editor files prior to composition looking for potential problems that we might resolve before beginning.

Our library of over 3100 licensed Adobe fonts is large enough to satisfy customer demands. We enjoy the craft of kerning type and attempt to minimize end-of-line hyphenation as well as to eliminate awkward machine-generated spatial distortions within or between words.


Because we are small, we only accept projects that we know we can complete within your scheduling requirements. Our general turnaround time is ten working days upon approval of the design for projects under 500 pages.

Pricing Structure

Service Pricing
Design $30/hr—not to exceed $450 per project. If it takes us longer to conceive and set up the design, the added cost is on us.
Typography Per page price depends on the quality of the submission and the complexity of the design. Prices range from as low as $3.50 per page to as high as $6 per page.
Image Preparation $30/hr
• Scanning images from supplied photographs
• Correcting supplied images for print reproduction
• Creating tables or other visual text presentations such as callouts or sidebars
• Sizing art for layout purposes
AAs and EAs $30/hr
PDF creation No charge